label. LA is an augmented reality app that displays 15 street art installations in los angeles. available as a free download via the app store in fall 2020.

In the ‘label. LA’ app, the artist drew label. placed 15 Augmented Reality exhibits in physical spaces around the city of Los Angeles. When you travel to the location, the artwork will appear automatically in the environment through the app’s camera. Part scavenger hunt, part street art – this is a first-of-its kind use of AR to showcase works of art in physical spaces.

This is my vision of street art in the 21st century.”

“To me, augmented reality represents the limitless potential of art. With this technology, artists can create anything they can imagine. We can show our work in any (and every) physical location. The work can be interactive, it can defy physics, it requires no permits or permissions, it can be both permanent and changing, and it bypasses the gatekeepers that would otherwise prevent us from realizing our visions. Augmented Reality has so much potential to change the game for emerging artists.”

preview the exhibits.

There are 15 exhibits across the city, from the Santa Monica pier, to Downtown, Hollywood, the Arts District, and more. They are on permanent display for anyone to see through the app. Here’s a selected listing of locations and exhibits is available within the app:

the digital impossibility of life in the mind of a machine.

hollywood stars.

skid ro.

earth, 2120.

it is no longer possible to see this painting.

portrait of the artist as a delusional egomaniac.


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