hi. my name is drew. i am an artist and this is my website.

i create art / music / design / code in order to explore how they all fit together. while you’re here, you can: check my notebook • look at my toast • download my ar app • read what i say about myself • follow me on the ‘gram @drew.label.

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22 notes on starting.

Starting before you are ready is scary. Starting before you are ready is the best way to get better. You cannot know …

layering flavors.

When I started painting, I felt like I picked up the skill quicker than I should have. This is probably related to …

starting my first meta painting.

I am working on a new style of painting that I’m calling meta art (which I’m doing in parallel with my coloring pages), …

training your madness.

“I myself have trained everyday in an effort to get close to this madness”

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