hi. my name is drew. i am an artist and this is my website.

i create art / music / design / code in order to explore how they all fit together. you can follow me on the ‘gram @drew.label, or read more about me, if you want.

[label. was designed to be a symbol of the creative possibility within each of us. there is nothing more powerful than an individual who steps beyond their own definitions in order to do the work they were born to do. label. is the blank, undefined space where this creative power lives.]

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if you’re still here, you can also read my notebook where i document my creative process and stuff. these are my latest notes.

22 notes on starting.

Starting before you are ready is scary. Starting before you are ready is the best way to get better. You cannot know …

layering flavors.

When I started painting, I felt like I picked up the skill quicker than I should have. This is probably related to …

training your madness.

“I myself have trained everyday in an effort to get close to this madness”