drew label.

All I want to do is everything. What inspires me is a passion to explore things and find the connections between them. I cook in order to understand music. I write in order to understand photography. I program in order to understand design. I paint in order to understand all of it.

As an artist, my work is driven by exploration. I spend most of my time making things [painting, code, music, design] or chasing after new discoveries that will inspire me to make new things.

I thrive on a balance between art and science. Nothing makes me happier than exploring a hundred different ideas / techniques / mediums at once in order to learn how they all fit together – always with the intention of distilling the things I’m discovering into artwork that I can share with you.

Drew is my name, but I sign stamp my work as label. 

label. is a generic, lightweight, anti-brand name that stands in contrast to our culture where the brand name matters more than the content.

I see creativity as a spiritual practice. Good art happens when I remove my personal identity from the process and tap into a deeper, more universal truth.

In that way, the blank, undefined label. represents this creative power that lives beneath/beyond each of us. label. is where the self ends and the possibility begins.

you can read my notebook to see what i’m making / thinking about right now.

Before art, I ran a food blog called One Ingredient Chef where I designed a plant-based eating plan and published 300 recipes & photos (all available here) that grew to reach a million people a year.

In this work, I discovered the threads between food and art, which resulted in my toast art collection and my descent into the world of art 🙃.

vitals. california native / born in santa cruz in 1987 / lives in los angeles / heart in the redwoods of big sur / reads a lot / runs a lot / intj / probably in the wilderness right now / herbivore / a pretty good cook / books > mba / practice > mfa / appreciates: golden acrylics + macbook pro + formula 1 + logic pro x + chia seeds + affinity photo + burgundy + python + sony a7c + silence.