drew label.

All I want to do is everything. What inspires me is a passion to explore things and find the connections between them. I cook in order to understand music. I write in order to understand photography. I program in order to understand design. I paint in order to understand all of it.

As an artist, my work is driven by exploration. I spend most of my time making things (paintings, apps, businesses, electronic music, recipes, designs, articles, photos, etc.) or chasing after new discoveries that will shape my work.

Nothing makes me happier than exploring a hundred different ideas at once in order to see how they all fit together. I love finding the threads that tie one idea / form / domain to another (like where vegan food becomes fine art) because those connections are where all the good ideas live.

In that way, my life is a balance between the broad curiosity to explore everything that I find fascinating + the dedication to master the skills and produce the work inspired by what I’m discovering.

you can read my notebook to see what i’m making / thinking about right now.

I also run a food blog, One Ingredient Chef, where I designed a plant-based eating plan and published 300 recipes / food photos (all available here) that reach about a million people per year.

In this work, I began to see the connection between food & art that resulted in my toast art collection.

vitals. california native / born in santa cruz in 1987 / lives in los angeles / heart in the redwoods of big sur / reads a lot / runs a lot / intj / probably in the wilderness right now / herbivore / a pretty good cook / books > mba / practice > mfa / tifoso (forza ferrari) / requires: matcha + golden acrylics + macbook pro + burgundy + sony a7 + chia seeds / thinks instagram is for sad people with no real friends (please follow me @labeldot).

Drew is my name, but I sign all my stuff as [label.] because it’s a blank, generic, empty space that has no definition and therefore has no boundaries. label. is a message that we are infinite, limited only by the boxes we draw around ourselves. Things that have no definition have no limits.

This desire to transcend boundaries is what I am reaching for in my work. Everything that carries a [label.] signature was created in that spirit. I wrote more about this in my notebook.