drew label.

All I want to do is everything. What inspires me is a passion to explore things and find the connections between them. I cook in order to understand music. I write in order to understand photography. I program in order to understand design. I paint in order to understand all of it.

As an artist, my work is driven by exploration. I spend most of my time making things (paintings, apps, music, designs, photos, etc.) or chasing after new discoveries that will shape my work.

Nothing makes me happier than exploring a hundred different ideas at once in order to see how they all fit together. I love finding the threads that tie one idea / form / domain to another (like where vegan food becomes art) and turning these discoveries into stuff that I can share with you.

In that way, my work is a balance between two extremes: a broad curiosity to explore everything that I find fascinating, plus a dedicated focus on producing the work inspired by my exploration.

Drew is my name, but I sign all my stuff as [label.] because I wanted one generic label that I could stamp onto all the different things I make, and label. is that label.

[label.] is just a blank empty space that has no definition. Maybe it’s also a message that we are each limited only by the boxes we draw around ourselves, and anything that is [label.] is undefined and therefore unlimited…

you can read my notebook to see what i’m making / thinking about right now.

I also run a food blog – One Ingredient Chef – where I designed a plant-based eating plan and published 300 recipes / photos (all available here) that reach about a million people per year.

In this work, I discovered the connection between food & art that resulted in my toast art collection.

vitals. california native / born in santa cruz in 1987 / lives in los angeles / heart in the redwoods of big sur / reads a lot / runs a lot / intj / probably in the wilderness right now / herbivore / a pretty good cook / books > mba / practice > mfa / tifoso (forza ferrari) / requires: matcha + golden acrylics + macbook pro + red burgundy + sony a7 + chia seeds / thinks instagram is for sad people with no real friends (please follow me @labeldot).