drew label.

All I want to do is everything. What inspires me is a passion to explore things and find the connections between them. I cook in order to understand music. I write in order to understand photography. I program in order to understand design. I paint in order to understand all of it.

As an artist, my work is driven by exploration. I spend most of my time making things (paintings, apps, music, designs, etc.) or chasing after new discoveries that will shape the things I make.


I love exploring a hundred different ideas / techniques / mediums at once in order to learn how they all fit together – all with the intention of distilling my discoveries into specific works of art that I can share with you.

Drew is my name, but I sign my work as label.

I designed label. to be a symbol of creative empowerment. It represents the limitless potential within all of us. I believe there is nothing more powerful than a person who rises above the limited definitions of themselves in order to do the work they were born to do. label. is the undefined space where anything is possible.

Everything with the [label.] signature is made in that spirit.

you can read my notebook to see what i’m making / thinking about right now.

I also run a food blog – One Ingredient Chef – where I designed a plant-based eating plan and published 300 recipes / photos (all available here) that reach about a million people per year.

In this work, I discovered the threads between food & art, which resulted in my toast art collection.

vitals. california native / born in santa cruz in 1987 / lives in los angeles / heart in the redwoods of big sur / reads a lot / runs a lot / intj / probably in the wilderness right now / herbivore / a pretty good cook / books > mba / practice > mfa / tifoso (forza ferrari) / requires: matcha + golden acrylics + macbook pro + logic x + sony a7 + pinot noir + chia seeds / thinks instagram is for sad people with no real friends (please follow me @drew.label).