the toastlapse.

This “plain ezekiel” was the last of the 16 slices that I painted in the loaf. The technique of painting the complex texture of the bread surface took tons of experimentation to get right, with the lightest layers first, some sea sponge to add random texture, and then filling in darker and darker values of the toast surface over 15-20 more layers. I figured I would save the one with no toppings (and therefore the most bread surface to paint) for last.

I should have known it would be the most difficult – anytime you’re 15/16ths done with a project, reaching that finish line will kick your ass. The video above went fine, but right after I turned off the time lapse, I noticed a spot that wasn’t right and ended up ruining the whole piece while trying to fix it. I had to start over from scratch, so the plain toast you see in the final collection is a totally different one. 😣 It was not a good few days of painting.

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