In addition to my core work as a fine artist, I enjoy creating projects that merge art with other mediums such as code, photography, design, writing, and music in order to bring innovative commercial projects to life.


In 2021, I designed, engineered, and managed a blockchain-based web game called ‘Mintopoly’ with a collection of NFTs game cards, with a user base of 30,000+ players.

#code #design #business

label. LA

An interactive augmented reality art installation featuring 15 street art exhibits across Los Angeles that you can view through the ‘label. LA’ app.

One Ingredient Chef

From 2013 – 2020, I created a food blog where I developed and photographed over 300 unprocessed, plant-based recipes that reached upwards of a million readers per year.

coloring pages.

Blown-up illustrations on paper in the style of children’s coloring pages.


An early collection of paintings and sculptures inspired by my career as a food blogger.