22 notes on starting.

  1. Starting before you are ready is scary.
  2. Starting before you are ready is the best way to get better.
  3. You cannot know how things will turn out until you get out there and start. Trying to figure it all out ahead of time is a waste of time. Start with step one and let step two show up along the way.
  4. Starting is like a muscle that you can train. It gets easier the more you do it.
  5. No one else cares if you start or not. No one will criticize you if you don’t start, and no one will praise you if you do start. It’s all on you.
  6. Don’t underestimate inertia. When you start something new, you are shaking up the status quo. The universe likes the status quo very much and you will feel its resistance working against you at first.
  7. The voice in your head tells you that your idea isn’t worth starting. Maybe that voice is right. You’ll never know unless you start now and find out.
  8. Reading a book about your subject is not starting.
  9. Many more dreams are killed by “waiting for the right time” than by actively trying and failing.
  10. Other people will discourage you from starting because it will shine a light on the things they haven’t started.
  11. But after you start, better people (the kind of people who are starting right now) will show up to support you. Maybe.
  12. Starting makes you like yourself a lot more.
  13. Randomness (luck) plays a roll in everything. In some ways, it’s all a crapshoot. But one thing is for sure – if you aren’t out there rolling the dice (starting), you can never win.
  14. The hardest part of running is having the willpower to put on my shoes. The hardest part of painting is unscrewing the tube. The hardest part of making music is clicking the mouse to open Logic Pro X. It seems absurd but it is true. The tiniest, easiest, most low-impact step of merely crossing the threshold into “starting” is actually the most difficult part of the process.
  15. Right now is the only rational time to start. You can’t start yesterday, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. But right now? You still have a shot. It might be the last one you ever get.
  16. If you start, you will probably fail. This is a good thing. Failure is not a loss, but a gain. It gives you insights and power that you never would have earned if you had not started.
  17. The more important something is to you, the harder it is to start on it.
  18. Most people enjoy feeling stuck because it is safe and easy. Most people like to indulge in seminars or books or therapy in order to figure out how to get unstuck. It’s a fantastic way to avoid starting.
  19. Starting is actually not the hardest thing. Continuing after you hit resistance is much harder. Anyone with a little willpower or adrenaline can make it through day one. It’s day 93 or 741 where heroes are made.
  20. The voice that tells you it will be easier to start tomorrow is wrong. It is always easier to start today.
  21. Failure is empowering because only those brave enough to start can ever reach failure. That club of people who have actively failed is both smaller and more powerful than we might imagine.
  22. Looking back and realizing that you did nothing when you had the opportunity to do something is the worst kind of pain.
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