struggle > success.

Recently, I was housesitting at my sister’s place in the county and decided to draw her house, so I went out the …

22 notes on starting.

Starting before you are ready is scary. Starting before you are ready is the best way to get better. You cannot know …

layering flavors.

When I started painting, I felt like I picked up the skill quicker than I should have. This is probably related to …

starting my first meta painting.

I am working on a new style of painting that I’m calling meta art (which I’m doing in parallel with my coloring pages), …

training your madness.

“I myself have trained everyday in an effort to get close to this madness”

lichtenstein sucked at first.

A look at Lichtenstein’s early work… how much his process evolved over the 1960s… and why this inspires me to keep progressing and getting better.

pretend you’re in jail.

Last year I read the book Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and overall I thought it was kind of dry and 400 pages …

art is a mirror.

I only have one philosophy about art, which is that: art is a mirror. I think every great piece of art is …

the toastlapse.

A 60-second time-lapse of me painting the “plain ezekiel” toast from my loaf of 16 toasts.

success & toast & failure.

An essay about success, failure, my work as a vegan food blogger, listening to your intuition, and how all of that resulted in a whole bunch of toast art.