why label. is a stamp, not a signature.

Signatures are great because they tell the world, “this is done, I made this and I put my seal of approval on it.” But I felt that a signature would be a mismatch for the ideas I was trying to convey with label.

I see label. as a symbol of ego-less creativity. It represents that state of being where you remove your “self” from the process and allow a much deeper source of creativity to empower the things you’re making.

More than a personal identity, label. is a state of being that anyone can cap into, which is why I could never bring myself to sign my work.

Then I had the idea of using a stamp instead of a signature, and I loved it. Stamps are generic enough to represent the self-less ideas underpinning my work, but I’m still able to give my finished work a literal stamp of approval. Plus the stamp has minor flaws that make it unique enough to authenticate my artwork, but generic enough to represent this anti-brand name.

It just fits. I have a big one that I use with black ink for originals, and I’m planning on designing a small circular one with a different design to use for prints (as a nod to the royal cyphers used to stamp drawings in the royal collection) like so:

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