‘label. LA’ App – Pre-Launch Info

label. LA is a first-of-its-kind augmented reality app created by the artist drew label., featuring 15 street art installations in Los Angeles. Launched August 6th.


label. LA is a new augmented reality iOS app featuring street art installations that I placed across the city of Los Angeles. There are 15 exhibits located in physical spaces around the city. When you travel to the location and point the camera at the scene, the artwork will be automatically placed in that environment through the app. This is a first-of-its kind use of AR to showcase works of art in physical spaces.

Part contemporary art installation, part scavenger hunt, this experience will take you from poop emoji raining down on Hollywood stars, to a $2 million pile of cash in Beverly Hills, to a digital tiger shark suspended above the Santa Monica Pier, and much more.


Across the city of Los Angeles in 15 specific locations listed within the app, including the Santa Monica pier, the Getty Museum, Hollywood, the Arts District, and more.


I designed this experience as a new vision of what street art can be in the 21st century. I think augmented reality will change the game for artists, much like self-publishing did for authors. Just think – for the first time, we can showcase our work in any (and every) physical location imaginable. The work can be interactive, it can defy physics, it requires no permits or permissions, it can be both permanent and changing, and it bypasses the gatekeepers that have often prevented artists from realizing their visions. I hope this app will inspire a new generation of emerging artists to take control of their creative visions and create incredible things that they can share directly with their audience. ‘label. LA’ is the first in a new generation of AR art experiences and I am super excited about the possibilities with this medium. 


This app was designed and developed by me, drew label. My primary focus is in traditional fine art, but I have a passion to explore new mediums and technologies in order to create exciting new work that spans domains, like this label. LA app. If you would like to learn more about me, see my about page.


The app launched in the Apple App Store on Tuesday, August 6th.

additional footage below

Download the Beta App

You are welcome to download the pre-release beta version of this app. To download, tap the “Download Beta” link from an iOS device to install the TestFlight app (Apple’s built-in testing platform) and then tap this button again to install the app through TestFlight.

[NOTE: You do not have to be in Los Angeles to test the app. While the primary function of the app is to show the artwork in LA, there is a view at home function to place the artwork in your own space. This is provided as an in-app-purchase, but all purchases are simulated in this beta version and you will not be charged.]


Tap above to download TestFlight (if needed) and then install the label. LA beta release:

Media from Selected Exhibits

You are welcome to use any of the following photos and videos in coverage of this app across web, print, or social. If you would like additional footage or different formats, please get in touch below and I am happy to provide them.

hollywood stars.

“Fake Spiderman and DVD bootleggers used to be the worst thing about the Walk of Fame. Now, it’s the stone monuments that immortalize some of the most vile members of our species. Hollywood Blvd. is becoming a real 💩storm these days…”

earth, 2120.

“Currently, we are in the midst of the Holocene Extinction, one of six mass extinctions in the history of our planet. During this time, a million species may go extinct – many disappearing in the shadows, forever unknown and undiscovered. I placed this object here, under the blue sky and flourishing biodiversity of Southern California as a reminder to appreciate the very fragile nature of the atmosphere that sustains us all. The ground you’re standing on may look very different in the future…”

the digital impossibility of life in the mind of a machine.

“It may be physically impossible for a living mind to imagine death, but when intelligent machines transcend our species and kill us all with fururistic tiger sharks, will they finally know what it is like to be truly alive? [Can someone send me $12 million, please?]”

made in the image of the locals.

“My goal here was to carefully study the residents of Beverly Hills and then sculpt a towering monument at the Beverly Hills sign based on what I learned about the locals. I think I nailed it.”

skid ro.

“The generous merchants of Rodeo Drive have setup sidewalk shelters to support the local homeless community. If you’ve fallen on hard times, feel free to pitch your tent next to the others, and do stop by any of the local retailers for a free shahtoosh scarf (made from the rare and endangered Tibetan antelope) to keep warm at night.”

it is no longer possible to see this painting.

“When it comes to art in the 21st century, who made it matters more than what it looks like. And how much it costs matters even more than who made it. If you stack up a few million dollars in front of a painting, it becomes much harder to see that painting for what it is. That makes me wonder… maybe it would be easier if we just dropped the act of painting altogether and started selling piles of cash with valuable labels attached to them?”

portrait of the artist as a delusional egomaniac.

“The problem with artists is that they tend to become quite egotistical. You give them an inch of success and they suddenly start doing foolish things like making paintings so big they can’t even fit inside the doors, or, say, (hypothetically, of course) creating 20-foot marble statues of themselves in the style of the Greek god Apollo…”

Media Contact

All of these exhibits and more (15 in total) are available to view free of charge in Los Angles through the label. LA app that launched on August 6th. If you have any further questions or need additional media / resources from me, please feel free to contact me here or at drewlabel-at-gmail.com and I am more than happy to provide additional media, interviews, in-person tours, or help out however I can.