just keep getting better.

(Just another observation from The Broad last week…)

They have a great collection of Lichtensteins and I spent more time with them than anything else. I was amazed at how much his work developed over the early part of his career. His style was pretty much fully set by ’62 and, from across the room, those early paintings look very similar to later ones. For example –

But up close, it’s a different story.

In “Live Ammo (Blang)” from 1962, the quality of the brushwork is very poor. The Benday dots are messy and smeared, the black lines are awkwardly placed and shaped… the line edges are rough… there’s pencil lines that never got filled in. However, 3 1/2 years later, the style is almost identical, but the quality is at a whole other level. They still have a handmade feel, but the details are crisp and confident. Here’s some closeups I took (click for full-size) –

I don’t know, I just thought it was really inspiring to see how someone at such a high level was able to develop their craft over time. I had a few takeaways for anyone interested in doing or learning or creating anything:

  1. In the end, you’ll be judged by your best work, not your worst.
  2. You don’t have to be perfect before you start putting your work out there. If Roy had waited for perfection before showing his work, he probably would have gone broke and never even had the chance to sustain his practice or reach a higher level of polish.
  3. It doesn’t matter where you start because you will only get better. So, start where you are, suck, and take comfort in the fact that you can only improve from here (and be sure to save those early attempts because even they might be worth $12 million someday…).
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  • if you haven’t already, check out my ‘goldeneye.’ effect in your Instagram camera.
  • this is the homeless camp i installed (via augmented reality) in front of the hermès store on rodeo dr. it’s called ‘skid ro.’ and you can view it through my new label. LA app (link in profile). ⛺️
  • i placed this one near the Santa Monica pier, it's called 'funding for this exhibit provided by the Sackler family.' If you don't know what that means, 👉🏼 please swipe to read the exhibit description. download my free app ‘label. LA’ to see it in person (link in description).
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  • it’s here... check out my new filter ‘andy.’ modeled after Warhol’s famous screen print style. really happy with the effect on this one, and you can even tap each frame to make your own color scheme. hope you guys have fun with it. 🙏🏼
  • i'm so stoked to tell you guys that i just got into Instagram’s private program to create filters/effects for IG Stories! 🤖 this is my first one (called goldeneye.) and anyone following me is able to use it in their stories, so check it out and lemme know what you think! (it's really cool in low light too.) these are so much fun to make and dovetail so perfectly with the other augmented reality artwork i'm doing at the moment. addicting. i have about 10 more in the works. 💥
  • do you ever just wake up and feel like you *have* to draw an anatomical knee study before you can start your day?? ... i don’t question the muse, I just do what she says 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • i installed this above Pacific Palisades in my upcoming AR app. it’s called “glistening triangular thing.” what does it mean? i have no idea, just thought it was pretty. my favorite part of this is the way it can accurately reflect the real-world environment as if it is actually there. can’t wait to go see it at sunset someday.
  • You know, it’s been 18 months and ’the column of dirty dishes.’ still hasn’t fallen over. MOMA hasn’t called to make an offer on it (yet), but the fact that it’s still standing is a success in its own right 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • [sneak preview.] i'm building an augmented reality iPhone app where you can walk around Los Angeles and view 15 digital "installations" that I've placed around the city just by pointing the app at them. This one is a total💩storm, called 'hollywood stars.' Of course, it also works with the stars of Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. The app (label. LA) will launch later this month so you too can make it rain 💩. #StayTuned
  • I always hesitated before signing any of my work because [label.] felt too “expansive” for my own signature. And then I realized that my work made in this spirit was always meant to be stamped with the generic [label.] seal of approval and that feels so much better.