label. LA App Support

If you are having issues with the label. LA app, this page provides further information. It also provides a contact form to report issues or share feedback on your experience.

[Issue] Art Not Appearing on Location

To make the artwork appear at specific locations, the app uses reference photos (shown in the app under each exhibit) in order to know where to place the artwork. When you point the camera at one of these scenes in Los Angeles and the app recognizes it, the artwork will appear in that location.

This is an experimental technology and things may go wrong from time to time. Often simply hitting the “refresh” icon in the AR Viewer will fix things, but there are some cases where the artwork will not appear:

  • Changes. Cities are living, evolving entities. If the reference locations change over time due to construction, vandalism, etc., the artwork may not appear.
  • Obstructions. There may be temporary objects placed in the scene (i.e. a bus, a banner, a temporary event) that obscure the scene and prevent the artwork from appearing.
  • Lighting Conditions. In low light conditions (at night) the app will function very poorly or not at all. Additionally, there maybe certain times of day or year where the harsh shadows or direct sunlight change the scene enough that the artwork does not appear.

If you notice that a specific scene has changed significantly and the artwork is not appearing, please use the form below to notify me and I will work to make the necessary updates to replace the artwork in the same or similar location. You can also email me directly drewlabel -at- to send photos or attachments.

Supported Devices

This app requires a modern iOS device with the iOS 12+ software installed in order to function. Specifically,  you’ll need an iPhone 6S or newer, or an iPad Pro or iPad (2017) or newer. Android devices are not supported at this time.

If you are using one of the supported devices and experiencing performance issues, use the form on this page to let me know.