my index card system for productivity.

The system I developed for staying productive and doing the work that matters to me, using one index card per week.

layering flavors.

When I started painting, I felt like I picked up the skill quicker than I should have. This is probably related to ...

you mean it takes HOW MANY years?!

to become a professional doctor / violinist / painter / writer / engineer?! Well it’s too late for me because in X years ...

my favorite tools: 2020 edition

Being an INTJ, the only things I truly love in this world are my tools. These are the 20 things that make ...

chasing down the propylene glycol.

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and wondered why kitchen sponges stay moist in the bags, but ...

training your madness.

“I myself have trained everyday in an effort to get close to this madness”

just keep getting better.

A look at Lichtenstein's early work... how much his process evolved over the 1960s... and why this inspires me to keep progressing and getting better.