big sur wallpapers.

I was born in the redwoods of Santa Cruz. I live in LA. My heart is stuck halfway between the two in Big Sur. It’s a place that never leaves my thoughts. In any quiet moment, Big Sur finds a way into my awareness. It wouldn’t be much of an overstatement to say that all I ever really want is to be outside in Big Sur.

In fact, my only real ambition is to buy like 100 acres somewhere along the cliffs halfway between Ragged Point and Carmel to create a secret hippie vegan artist commune that only the cool people know about.

Until then, though, I try to get out there as often as possible, driving up and spending a night or two in Cambria on the south, Monterey on the north, or camping in the wilderness and taking 24 hours to do nothing but search for condors (still haven’t found one…) or terrorize the hermit crabs in the tide pools.

I just found a bunch of photos I’ve taken on such trips that I rotate through as desktop wallpapers to remind me of Big Sur, and I thought I’d share them with you.

[click on an image to open the full-res download]

There’s a big flat rock where I took this picture along Salmon Creek and it’s my favorite meditation spot.

One of my favorite things about Big Sur is the 1960’s vibes of the hippies and how important this area was to them. I edited this one with an old film filter and some dust & scratches so that I can imagine I took it 60 years ago from a VW bus on the way to an Alan Watts lecture at Esalen…



This place is one of the best kept secrets, it’s by the Ragged Point Inn, down a super-steep trail with a waterfall and private cove that you will (most likely) have all to yourself.




Last June I came within two feet of stepping on this guy who was crossing the path. We scared each other. He coiled up and rattled. I jumped back. Then, he sat there for literally 15 minutes on this narrow path with no way to pass before he moved on, giving me plenty of time to take pictures of him.





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join the 2+ readers who get my label. newsletter featuring the latest in art / music / design / technology delivered to their inboxes every weekend:

hi. my name is drew. this notebook is where i document what i’m creating / thinking about right now [art + code + existential crises + etc]. if you’re new here, you can visit my about page to read what i say about myself.
  • if you haven’t already, check out my ‘goldeneye.’ effect in your Instagram camera.
  • this is the homeless camp i installed (via augmented reality) in front of the hermès store on rodeo dr. it’s called ‘skid ro.’ and you can view it through my new label. LA app (link in profile). ⛺️
  • i placed this one near the Santa Monica pier, it's called 'funding for this exhibit provided by the Sackler family.' If you don't know what that means, 👉🏼 please swipe to read the exhibit description. download my free app ‘label. LA’ to see it in person (link in description).
  • @callmekanaa with my goldeneye. filter 💥
  • It's here! My augmented reality art app launched this morning. 15 exhibits throughout Los Angeles, viewable in AR through the app. After months and months of design and coding this, I'm so stoked to share it with you. Augmented Reality street art is the future and this is the first of its kind AR street art experience. Download link in my profile (free) if you want to check it out. 💥
  • it’s here... check out my new filter ‘andy.’ modeled after Warhol’s famous screen print style. really happy with the effect on this one, and you can even tap each frame to make your own color scheme. hope you guys have fun with it. 🙏🏼
  • i'm so stoked to tell you guys that i just got into Instagram’s private program to create filters/effects for IG Stories! 🤖 this is my first one (called goldeneye.) and anyone following me is able to use it in their stories, so check it out and lemme know what you think! (it's really cool in low light too.) these are so much fun to make and dovetail so perfectly with the other augmented reality artwork i'm doing at the moment. addicting. i have about 10 more in the works. 💥
  • do you ever just wake up and feel like you *have* to draw an anatomical knee study before you can start your day?? ... i don’t question the muse, I just do what she says 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • i installed this above Pacific Palisades in my upcoming AR app. it’s called “glistening triangular thing.” what does it mean? i have no idea, just thought it was pretty. my favorite part of this is the way it can accurately reflect the real-world environment as if it is actually there. can’t wait to go see it at sunset someday.
  • You know, it’s been 18 months and ’the column of dirty dishes.’ still hasn’t fallen over. MOMA hasn’t called to make an offer on it (yet), but the fact that it’s still standing is a success in its own right 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • [sneak preview.] i'm building an augmented reality iPhone app where you can walk around Los Angeles and view 15 digital "installations" that I've placed around the city just by pointing the app at them. This one is a total💩storm, called 'hollywood stars.' Of course, it also works with the stars of Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. The app (label. LA) will launch later this month so you too can make it rain 💩. #StayTuned
  • I always hesitated before signing any of my work because [label.] felt too “expansive” for my own signature. And then I realized that my work made in this spirit was always meant to be stamped with the generic [label.] seal of approval and that feels so much better.