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neutral gray n5. (2020)

The first of the ‘meta paintings’ – a large diamond shaped canvas exploring non-duality through a mind-map of painting, sketches, illustration, and words.


label. LA (fall 2020)

An interactive augmented reality art installation featuring 15 street art exhibits across Los Angeles that you can view through the ‘label. LA’ app.


coloring pages. (2019-current)

Blown-up illustrations on paper in the style of children’s coloring pages.


toast. (2017-2018)

A collection of paintings and sculptures inspired by my career as a food blogger.

selected works.

neutral gray n5.

their roots are deep and they will rise again.

a column of dirty dishes.

expensive pink toast.

expensive black toast.

expensive teal toast.

grilled [cashew] cheese.

bread clip (red).

the big heel.

the loaf.