what is label.?

On my about page, I said, “drew is my name, but I sign all my stuff as [label.] because it’s a blank, generic, empty space that has no definition and therefore has no boundaries. label. is a message that we are infinite, limited only by the boxes we draw around ourselves. Things that have no definition have no limits.

More than anything, this concept is a reminder to me, because transcending the borders is what I am always trying to do. Nothing makes me happier than to work in the spaces between things, where I can dig my teeth into various skills and pull them together into something unique that draws inspiration from all kinds of disparate sources and mediums. Sometimes in order to make my creative visions come true I have to program and paint and learn 3D model making and do product design all in one day. In this process, I find that I can reach much higher levels when I stop trying to define myself as a painter or a designer or a music producer and instead just remove those boundaries and think of myself as nothing but [label.]

If there is one thing that I want to share with the world or whatever, it would be this idea of going beyond our own limiting definitions in order to find our true limitless potential. Communicating this message through my work is always my intention, and everything that carries the [label.] signature was created with this energy beneath it.

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