what is label.?

If you wonder where the label. name came from, all your question will be answered here. Or, maybe you’ll just have some new ones…

Just Keep Getting Better

A look at Lichtenstein’s early work… how much his process evolved over the 1960s… and why this inspires me to keep progressing and getting better.

Art is a Mirror

If you ever find yourself struggling to understand what a piece of art is supposed to “mean,” you can try out my one (and only) philosophy about art, which is that art is a mirror of yourself.

big sur wallpapers

All I ever really want is to be in Big Sur. This is a collection of free downloadable wallpapers from photos I took on various trips up and down the central coast.

The Toastlapse

A 60-second time-lapse of me painting the “plain ezekiel” toast from my loaf of 16 toasts.

success & toast & failure

An essay where I talk about my time as a vegan food blogger, success, failure, listening to your intuition, and how this led to my collection of toast art.